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5 killed after blasts hit bus terminal in Jakarta

Two of those killed in the explosions at Kampung Melayu bus terminal are suspected suicide bombers, Indonesian police say.

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'Clear' that UK bomber was part of a network: Police

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Preserving the homemade bak chang - with a little bit of reinvention

The laborious steps mean fewer home-cooks are making Chinese rice dumplings come the annual season. But those who do, are ...

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Manufactured orphans: Chapter 1

Jyothi Svahn was 5 when her Swedish parents adopted her from India. Growing up, the she was haunted by the memory of her birth ...

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Survival Of The Big

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She's an E.R. doc

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Would you report him?

A big difference in students, after Nanyang Girls starts school later at 8.15am

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I don’t think we should be doomed to whatever services evolve, but instead, create solutions of our own.

Dr Cynthia Goh, palliative care expert

Singapore Commentary: At life's end, do we want to spend our last days in the hospital?
The reality is that the motherhood journey can be tumultuous for some women.

Dr Helen Chen, KK Women's and Children's Hospital's psychological medicine head

Singapore Commentary: Honour the honest presentation of motherhood
There are three glaring intelligence gaps concerning North Korea’s ballistic missiles which impedes our ability to assess if they can credibly launch a successful strike.

Bernard Loo, military warfare expert

Asia Pacific Commentary: Should we be worried about North Korea?
A common belief is that cycles of short weekday and long weekend sleep will average out to a healthy and recommended amount. We disagree.

Julian Lim and Lee Su Mei, Duke-NUS Medical School sleep experts

Singapore Commentary: Starting school later is key to solving sleep problem faced by Singapore students
A ruthless yet calculating dictator armed with a limited nuclear arsenal, Kim Jong Un is playing a dangerous war game.

Bo Zhiyue, Northeast Asia expert

Asia Pacific Commentary: Why North Korea is turning into a headache for China and Xi Jinping
Robots are a means to unshackle the hotel industry from its labour and resource constraint.

Aung Kyaw Moe, Millennium Hotels and Resorts' IT director for Asia

Technology Commentary: Introducing robots in hotels in Singapore is a good idea

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