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  1. Singapore to focus on cooperation against emerging threats as ASEAN chair: PM Lee

    Mr Lee said the terrorist threat in ASEAN has increased sharply in recent years, partly inspired by the earlier successes of Islamic State (ISIS) ...

    Decades of economic reform have helped transform Vietnam's economy. Brought to you by Active.
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    ASEAN Economic Community: Opportunities and Challenges Episode 4

    Can the ASEAN Economic Community vision of an integrated ASEAN economy become reality? Will all ASEAN member states be able to come together to ...
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    Britain can be 'very special partner' for ASEAN: UK minister

    "We’re not China, we’re not America and we’re not involved in geo-strategic arguments," said UK Trade Minster for the ASEAN Economic Community ...
  5. ASEAN must continue with strategic partnership even after TPP bites the dust: Lim Hng Kiang

  6. ASEAN handbook on e-commerce and competition launched

    The book will serve as a reference for ASEAN member states on addressing and identifying challenges in enforcing competition law related to ...
  7. ASEAN must rise to meet current challenges and bring benefit to the people: Diplomats

  8. Commentary: Does Singapore still need a national airline?

    It recently rose in Skytrax rankings to be named second best airline in the world, but Singapore Airlines' performance in the last quarter has ...
  9. Commentary: Will Southeast Asia go hungry in the next few decades?

    With food demand on the rise in Southeast Asia, producers must keep up with advanced technology and foster regional cooperation, argues one trade ...

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