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  1. NUH develops smartphone app to help manage diabetes during pregnancy

  2. Device to keep tabs on blood sugar levels without finger-pricking available in Singapore

    Doctors say that the device could help in the war on diabetes, as finger-pricking tests may influence patients' decision not to monitor their ...
  3. FDA approves Abbott's blood glucose monitoring device

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved Abbott Laboratories' glucose monitoring device for adults with diabetes, allowing ...
  4. The case for a breakfast feast

    When and how we eat has an effect on our weight.
  5. Mooncake madness: Why overindulging on these festive treats could be a health risk

    The good news is that some retailers now offer healthier alternatives.
  6. Skin patch melts 'love-handles' in mice: Study

    US researchers have developed a skin patch that can melt fat in mice, and future tests will reveal whether it could treat obesity and diabetes in ...
  7. Common ovarian cyst condition linked with higher diabetes risk

  8. Mobile apps for diabetes patients need careful review

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