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  1. More support for employers, individuals in ICT under new skills framework

  2. 2,000 PMET jobs to be created in electronics industry by 2020: Iswaran

    The electronics industry transformation map also aims to grow the sector to have a manufacturing value-add of S$22.2 billion by 2020.
  3. Singapore’s Cybersecurity Bill delayed to 2018

    The Government has extended the public consultation period in response to the interest in the formulation of the Bill, says Minister for ...
  4. 7 in 10 Singaporean seniors visited by Pioneer Generation Ambassadors

  5. Digital proficiency programme for PMETs to be launched by Q3

    The Singapore Computer Society-certified programme is targeted at professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) across all sectors.
  6. MCI unveils digital economy strategy for people, firms and Government

    Deepening workers’ technical expertise and helping companies build strong digital capabilities are some key initiatives by the Ministry of ...
  7. More support for PMETs, especially mature workers: Lim Swee Say

    The Manpower Minister announced details of a new programme that would train PMETs while attached to the workplace and provide salary support.
  8. Budget 2017: Support for families, job security among Singaporeans’ top concerns

    Many Singaporeans have asked the Government to introduce more parenthood incentives, promote work-life balance and make housing more affordable, ...
  9. Committee on the Future Economy outlines direction for Singapore's economic development

    In its report released on Thursday (Feb 9), the 30-member committee outlined seven strategies to develop Singapore's economy in the next decade.
  10. SGInnovate launched to boost tech-based innovation

    SGInnovate will work with entrepreneurs to build, commercialise and scale technology-based innovation.

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