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  1. Dying trades no more? Interns find potential in unlikely places

  2. Three Chinese women reach US plea deals over college exam scam

  3. Commentary: Five secret boosts a growing gig economy offers Singapore

    The gig economy can offer a bout of fresh air, given the opportunities it affords to companies, workers and the Singapore economy, argues NUS ...
  4. Ackman's Pershing Square says ADP needs to streamline, modernize

    Billionaire activist investor William Ackman on Thursday said Automatic Data Processing Inc's stock price could double in the next five years if ...
  5. Commentary: Allowing themselves to be conned? Why superstitious victims fall prey to scams

    Scammers who prey on those who believe in superstitions are tapping on deep-seated human tendencies. Zhang Yan discusses the reasons why people ...
  6. Commentary: Silicon Valley’s over-valued firms signal an impending correction

    Silicon Valley firms are awash in cash as investors continue to pursue the next big thing, but it is not clear that any are delivering returns, ...
  7. Main purpose of AHTC lawsuit to account for S$33m: Experts

  8. Amazon Prime Now lands in Singapore app stores

  9. Goldman's rotten trading quarter is a familiar smell on Wall Street

    Big Wall Street banks have spent billions of dollars and untold man-hours in recent years transforming their trading desks from hedge-fund like ...
  10. Commentary: How companies should fend off attacks from activist investors

    When sharks, rowdy investors and large shareholders start battering at the door, CEOs should take a leaf from their playbook, argues Stefan Petry.

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