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  1. New recognition for chronic fatigue

    Having recently endured more than a month of post-concussion fatigue, I can’t imagine how people with so-called chronic fatigue syndrome navigate ...
  2. The dancer who tangoed with diabetes, and almost lost the world he'd built

    Hooked on bubble tea, he ended up in hospital after delaying treatment for a foot ulcer. Gerard Raj had never thought the chronic disease would ...
  3. Electronic MCs should only be issued after proper clinical assessment: MOH

    The growing number of medical apps in Singapore is raising questions about how to ensure standards do not suffer.
  4. Lady Gaga hospitalised, pulls out of Brazil's Rock in Rio

  5. Media playtime

    Primary Care Network scheme to coordinate long-term care of patients with chronic disease

    The Primary Care Network scheme allows for counsellors to talk to patients about what is happening to their health and assess how much a patient ...
  6. Fighting diabetes, one plate of nasi lemak at a time

  7. Cancer survivors may seek unneeded tests for reassurance

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