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  1. Commentary: An inter-agency committee to deal with MRT tunnel flooding? This sounds familiar

    Singapore has a penchant for forming taskforces and committees to deal with crisis and issues of national concern, but such solutions are not a ...
  2. PM Lee pays tribute to World War II survivor Flossie Joseph

  3. Commentary: Driverless vehicles can reshape Singapore, but do consider the human elements

    Autonomous vehicles bring a suite of benefits for a smart nation, but much planning needs to be done before they can be realised, says one ...
  4. Made in Singapore: Queen Elizabeth and her Rollei camera

  5. Kishore Mahbubani to retire as dean of Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

    Prof Mahbubani, 69, has headed the LKY School for more than 13 years since it was established in 2004.
  6. Hawkers, aliens, zombies: Comic books put a twist on Singapore’s history

    New collective Comics Of Singapore Histories Studios are putting an unusual spin on local heritage and history with a series of comic books, such ...
  7. Commentary: Prince Charles’ orchid and the art of diplomatic gift-giving

    What’s in an orchid? What goes into deciding what diplomatic gift is appropriate and would an honour by any other gesture smell as sweet?
  8. ‘PM Lee, my army buddy’: What it was like doing NS with the man who became Prime Minister

    From leading by example to enjoying soup kambing together, here’s what Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s army buddies remember most about him.
  9. ‘Fearless and dignified’: Elizabeth Choy’s grandniece on the war heroine’s relevance today

    Her grandaunt’s decision to talk about her torture experience during World War II – at a time when most survivors refused to – has added relevance ...

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