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  1. Kids who get moving may also get better grades

  2. Woods seemingly healthy again, but too early to predict future glory

    When Tiger Woods tees up next year he will be at an age at which few have dominated, but that will not stop the PGA Tour hype machine and others ...
  3. Commentary: With less focus on grades, is PSLE still a necessary checkpoint?

    The release of PSLE results last week has one educator wondering whether the PSLE is still necessary in light of tweaks to the education system ...
  4. Singapore students are best team players: PISA study

  5. Is e-learning making your children dumb? Experts sound a warning

    Parents may mean well, but some ‘educational’ apps may be doing toddlers more harm than good, as the programme Why It Matters found out.
  6. Retired teachers can be 'good source of supply' to increase pool of mother tongue pre-school teachers: MOE

    Speaking in Parliament, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education Low Yen Ling said that currently, six in 10 mother tongue language teachers ...
  7. New school offers education 'salvation' for Syrian girls in Lebanon

    A new girls' school for Syrian refugees in Lebanon's poor Bekaa region is aiming to give girls from conservative backgrounds the chance at a ...
  8. Commentary: Translation technology is useful, but should not replace learning languages

    Learning another language has benefits that go beyond those our newfound ability to translate in real time, says University of Queensland’s ...
  9. Giang the adventurer: Grab's first blind coder makes the world see past limitations

    In his job and in life, software engineer Giang Nguyen enjoys breaking barriers, and showing the world that people like him just need the freedom ...

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