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  1. Commentary: Translation technology is useful, but should not replace learning languages

    Learning another language has benefits that go beyond those our newfound ability to translate in real time, says University of Queensland’s ...
  2. Giang the adventurer: Grab's first blind coder makes the world see past limitations

    In his job and in life, software engineer Giang Nguyen enjoys breaking barriers, and showing the world that people like him just need the freedom ...
  3. Student with special needs given wrong PSLE paper

    The Pei Chun Public School student was supposed to be issued the Chinese listening comprehension paper at a foundation level but was given a ...
  4. Parents splash out on prep classes for gifted programme. Should they?

    To give their children a better chance of acing the GEP selection test, they are sending them for training - but is it advisable? Talking Point ...
  5. IMF raises US GDP forecasts for 2017, 2018

  6. Teacher convicted of using counterfeit banknotes to pay for sex

  7. Commentary: Singapore’s case for space

    Singapore Space and Technology Association’s Lynette Tan discusses the opportunities that space offers to a small country like Singapore.
  8. On the Record: Janice Koh, former NMP and actress

  9. On the Record: Kirpal Singh, poet, literary and cultural critic

    A long-time proponent of literature, Kirpal Singh has long-held views on the quality of political discourse and the Singaporean identity, and ...

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