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  1. Secondary 1 posting results will be released on Dec 21

  2. N-level results to be released next Monday

  3. Commentary: With less focus on grades, is PSLE still a necessary checkpoint?

    The release of PSLE results last week has one educator wondering whether the PSLE is still necessary in light of tweaks to the education system ...
  4. PSLE results: 98.4% of students make it to secondary school

  5. Singapore students are best team players: PISA study

  6. 2017 PSLE results will be released next Friday

  7. Singapore football turns to youth in bid to lift sagging fortunes

  8. Commentary: Are we still missing the point of education?

    The official narrative surrounding education has been changing, but is this powerful enough to uproot entrenched views in society, asks Channel ...
  9. 61 schools to get new principals

  10. Hungary, Ukraine clash over Kiev's new language law

    The foreign ministers of Hungary and Ukraine clashed on Thursday over Ukraine's new law banning teaching in minority languages, with Budapest ...

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