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  1. One Belt, One Road can bring China closer to global community: PM Lee

  2. In Shenzhen, tech entrepreneurs chase the Chinese dream

  3. Singapore tops rankings for meeting UN health goals: Study

    Researchers measured 37 health-related SDG indicators from 1990 to 2016 for each country, and then projected indicators for 2030.
  4. World lags badly on targets to slash TB, HIV, obesity: Study

    Overall, only a fifth of 37 health-related targets set under the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted in 2015, are likely to be met, ...
  5. 3.5 million refugee children don't attend school: UN

    More than half the world's refugee children -- some 3.5 million altogether -- do not attend school, the UN refugee agency said on Tuesday, urging ...
  6. Commentary: Singapore’s new tourism tagline deeply aspirational, but what does it mean?

    Who does the new tagline target and what about Singapore inspires tourists to pursue their passion, asks Sin Harng Luh.
  7. Philippine lawmakers seek to ban mining in watershed areas, export of raw ore

    Philippine lawmakers have filed a bill seeking to ban mining in watershed areas and exports of unprocessed ores and will require miners to get ...
  8. Japan pledges US$1b aid for world's children, youth

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