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  1. Chinese man investigated for cutting 'noisy' dogs' vocal cords

    A Chinese man is being investigated for running a "veterinary" clinic on the street that cut the vocal cords of "noisy" dogs for a fee, local ...
  2. Skin patch melts 'love-handles' in mice: Study

    US researchers have developed a skin patch that can melt fat in mice, and future tests will reveal whether it could treat obesity and diabetes in ...
  3. 1 in 2 children in car accidents not properly restrained: KKH study

    The hospital on Thursday published a news release highlighting a study conducted by KKH researchers which came to worrying conclusions about the ...
  4. Target slashes prices on thousands of items, shares falter

    Target Corp said on Friday that it lowered prices on thousands of items, from cereal to baby formula, further hurting retail stocks already ...
  5. Zika virus could offer new tool to fight brain cancer

  6. Record-breaking US astronaut and crew back on Earth

  7. 'Reprogrammed' stem cells fight Parkinson's disease in monkeys

  8. Cancer patients lack access to fertility support

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