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  1. Baidu to hit the road with self-driving bus

    Baidu chief executive Robin Li on Tuesday said the Chinese internet giant will have a self-driving bus on the road soon as it races for a lead in ...
  2. Jailed Hong Kong activist Wong back in court on 21st birthday

    Jailed Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong will mark his 21st birthday in court Friday to face more charges over his role in pro-democracy protests as ...
  3. Facebook will help investigators release Russia ads, Sandberg tells Axios

    Facebook Inc Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said on Thursday that the company was fully committed to helping U.S. congressional ...
  4. Self-service kiosks, 'smartbeds' and robots: The technology enhancing Singapore's hotels

    More hotels are using technology to save on costs, attract younger travellers and enhance the experience of their guests.
  5. Singapore to house one of Alibaba’s new global research labs

    Singapore is one of seven locations chosen to host the research labs, which are part of Alibaba's new US$15 billion (S$20 billion) global research ...
  6. Symantec CEO says source code reviews pose unacceptable risk

    U.S.-based cyber firm Symantec is no longer allowing governments to review the source code of its software because of fears the agreements would ...
  7. Commentary: Three ways Nobel prize winner Richard Thaler changed how economists look at the world

    Richard Thaler won the 2017 Nobel Prize in economics for his groundbreaking work incorporating how humans actually behave into economic thinking, ...
  8. From flying taxis to robocops, Dubai as a tech pioneer

  9. Commentary: How Singapore can be a space power, with small satellites

    The space race of the Cold War may be long over, but the time is now for Singapore to fight for a slice of the satellite industry pie, says ...

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