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  1. Media playtime

    Island Living Episode 5

    In this episode, Nithiya takes island living to the extreme. She heads off to Singapore's surrounding waters for a spot of 'bubu' fishing, ...
  2. Banksy and other street artists in a major show at next year’s Singapore Art Week

    ArtScience Museum’s Art From The Streets, one of the events at next year's Singapore Art Week, looks at 40 years of street art. Other highlights ...
  3. Hornbills spotted at Commonwealth Crescent

  4. War in Pulau Ubin: How Ahmad Kassim lived through the Japanese Occupation

    The story of how a long-time Pulau Ubin resident fled from Johor Bahru and survived the war is one of many featured at the National Museum of ...
  5. More spaces on mainland Singapore to be used for OBS activities

  6. Their father was a war hero: Lim Bo Seng’s children remember the Fall of Singapore

    The personal diary of Singapore’s revered war hero will be revealed to the public for the first time, as part of the National Museum’s exhibition ...
  7. Media playtime

    More Pulau Ubin kampong houses to be restored

    NParks announced on Sunday (Jul 16) that it is calling members of the public - especially interest groups with experts in architecture, heritage ...
  8. More Pulau Ubin kampong houses to be restored

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