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  1. ‘I’m not bad, I’m not ill, I’m autistic’: Woman's relief on being finally diagnosed at 42

    Loud noises and bright lights terrified her, school gave her meltdowns. For years Dawn-joy Leong didn’t know why, until she found out she had ...
  2. The more successful Singapore is, the harder it is to attract political talent: Chan Chun Sing

    Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Chan Chun Sing goes "On the Record" about diversity in Singapore's political leadership and how the ...
  3. Goldman's rotten trading quarter is a familiar smell on Wall Street

    Big Wall Street banks have spent billions of dollars and untold man-hours in recent years transforming their trading desks from hedge-fund like ...
  4. Nasdaq hits record on Netflix boost; Dow dragged by Goldman

  5. Nolan's 'Dunkirk' builds suspense of war without the gore

    For the filmmaker who re-imagined Batman as "The Dark Knight" and explored deep space in "Interstellar," the story of British troops trapped on a ...
  6. Tennis ball-sized 'diamond in the rough' too big to sell

    In the mysterious world of diamond mining, it turns out that some stones are too big to sell.
  7. Hunter of Stalin's mass graves on trial; friends say he's been framed

    Yuri Dmitriev spent years locating and exhuming the mass graves of people executed during Josef Stalin's Great Terror. Eight decades after one of ...
  8. Artist to debut 3D portraits produced from Chelsea Manning's DNA

    Around thirty three-dimensional portraits of Chelsea Manning, created using the DNA of the transgender U.S. Army soldier imprisoned for leaking ...
  9. Swiss museum readies for Nazi-era art trove show, seeks works' heirs

    A Swiss museum director preparing for a Nazi-era art collection's long-awaited public unveiling later this year said Friday that her goal remains ...
  10. In partnership with Patek Philippe


    Beyond hours and minutes, watches with perpetual calendars keep up with time without any adjustments — at least till the year 2100. Brought to you ...

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