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  1. Last piece of missing Magritte painting found in Brussels


    Influential Brands honours top brands and individuals at its annual CEO Asia Conference. Brought to you by Influential Brands
  3. Turkey's Erdogan angers critics with plan to replace culture centre

    President Tayyip Erdogan announced on Monday plans to demolish a culture centre in Istanbul named after the founder of modern secular Turkey, in a ...
  4. Trying the Feldenkrais Method for chronic pain

  5. Actor Russell Crowe criticises Australian bid to move asylum seekers

    The 600 asylum seekers barricaded inside an abandoned detention centre in Papua New Guinea without food or running water are Australia's "shame", ...
  6. Bringing art closer to home

    Art has been moving out of gallery spaces into cafes, boutiques and even malls. Now, artists and curators are showcasing artworks to the public in ...
  7. Concert review: Backstreet Boys in Singapore were definitely larger than life

    Oh my god, they're back again! Channel NewsAsia’s Genevieve Loh screamed alongside 20,000 BSB fans as she reminisced those boyband teen years.
  8. Florida police brace for protests with speech by white nationalist

    Hundreds of police will be deployed at the University of Florida on Thursday as thousands are poised to protest a speech by an avowed white ...
  9. Copyright restored to poor family of Australian Aboriginal artist

    The impoverished family of Australia's most famous Aboriginal artist, Albert Namatjira, has been given copyright to his works after years of ...
  10. 5 ways the Esplanade has made an impact on Singapore’s arts scene

    After 15 years, the arts centre is now asking the public to help in its next stage of development. But has it done enough to prove its worth? We ...

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