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  1. Data workers prove a rare resource for Barrick, fellow miners

  2. Can BlueSG steer the car-sharing industry towards a greener direction?

    Local car-sharing operators said the concept is gradually becoming popular in car-lite Singapore, while the use of electric cars has also been ...
  3. VW aims at ride-pooling market with all-electric minibus

    Volkswagen has unveiled an all-electric minibus to target urban customers who prefer to pay for use rather than own a vehicle, furthering the ...
  4. Commentary: Driverless vehicles can reshape Singapore, but do consider the human elements

    Autonomous vehicles bring a suite of benefits for a smart nation, but much planning needs to be done before they can be realised, says one ...
  5. Low-income and owning a car. Why?

    A good proportion of the bottom 20 per cent of households have a car, but should they? Talking Point investigates.
  6. Chingay 2018: Parade route to be doubled, with a free carnival

  7. 'Robo-taxis' hold promise, and perils, for automakers

  8. UK budget aims for driverless cars by 2021

  9. Driverless, electric future just round the corner for urban cars

    A driverless, electric car is only a swipe away in the cities of the future, where pollution clampdowns and rapid advances in technology will ...
  10. Cars and speakers: Baidu speeds up AI progress

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