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  1. Over 6,000 firefighters battling southern California blaze

  2. Fire in southern California threatening another city

  3. As winds relent, scorched California hopes for fire relief

    Brutal winds that fuelled southern California's firestorm finally began to ease on Saturday (Dec 10), giving residents and firefighters hope for ...
  4. California wildfires send film, TV productions scrambling

    Wildfires raging across Southern California are taking a toll on the region's iconic film industry, forcing producers of commercials, television ...
  5. Winds whip California fires as they spread south

    Unrelenting winds fanned towering flames Friday in southern California, where hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee multiple ...
  6. Falling lantern damages roof of 2016 Olympic velodrome

  7. Bullets and burns: Portraits of injured Rohingya refugees

  8. Hot spots from forest fires in Indonesia fell 32.6 % in 2017

  9. Firefighters still battling 10 wildfires in California

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