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  1. Wildfire toll hits 45 in Portugal-Spain but rain brings respite

    Overnight rain and calmer winds on Tuesday helped firefighters tame a spate of deadly wildfires that broke out over the weekend, devouring homes ...
  2. Wildfires kill 39 in Portugal and Spain

  3. Cadaver dogs join grim search for bodies as California fires rage

    Body recovery teams with cadaver dogs were searching Thursday for victims of California's wildfires as reinforcements arrived to help exhausted ...
  4. 23 dead in 'catastrophic' California wildfires

  5. 15 dead as wildfires torch California wine country

  6. California wildfire toll rises to 10 as blazes spread

  7. Scorched earth of Portugal fires may hold seeds of a renewal

    Large parts of Portugal's interior are desolate places these days, with charred trees as far as the eye can see and an acrid smell lingering in ...
  8. Eating leaves to survive in Myanmar's 'ethnic cleansing' zone

  9. As Congo refugees pour over border, Angola's backing for Kabila in doubt

    Captured by militia and accused of being married to a Congolese government official, Kimpanga Caro could smell the fire she was told would be used ...
  10. WHO plans global war on cholera as Yemen caseload nears 700,000

    The World Health Organization will next month launch a strategy to stop cholera transmission by 2030, it said on Monday, as an unprecedented ...

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