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  1. New app launched to help Singaporeans lead a green lifestyle

  2. India Test resumes in 'unhealthy' smog

    India and Sri Lanka resumed their cricket Test in "unhealthy" air pollution -- 18 times higher than the level considered safe -- in New Delhi on ...
  3. Malaysia thanks Indonesia for tackling forest fires

  4. Media playtime

    Indonesia Haze Prevention Episode 21

    Haze pollution from forest fires has been a major transboundary issue in Southeast Asia for years. The forest fires caused over US$16 billion of ...
  5. China's Chongqing renews attacks on former disgraced leaders

  6. Commentary: The world’s most polluted city, a title none wants to win

    Airlines have cancelled flights, schools were closed and authorities are considering allowing private vehicles in the city only every other day.
  7. Delhi declares pollution emergency as air quality worsens by the hour

  8. Media playtime

    Environment, Counter-terror, Lcc Episode 3

    Can the haze situation can improve and what is being done to put an end to hazy days? What are the efforts of the Defence and Home Affairs ...
  9. Hot spots from forest fires in Indonesia fell 32.6 % in 2017

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