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  1. Go-go going as Chinese women fuel Thai tourism boom

  2. After shooting, Las Vegas seeks healing

    Far from the Las Vegas Strip and its flashy hotels, a small healing park opened Friday in the north of Las Vegas, as communities shaken by ...
  3. Bukit Panjang LRT 'prone to faults due to sharp turns over undulating terrain’

    The design was also adapted from a “straight-line” airport system and made to fit a housing estate, says Second Transport Minister Ng Chee Meng.
  4. Trump to travel to Asia in November: White House

  5. Whale carcass dug up from Australian beach over shark fears

    A massive humpback whale buried on a popular Australian beach after it washed up dead was being exhumed Monday because locals feared its rotting ...
  6. Poverty in paradise: The dark side of Indonesia's new tourism hope

    A tableau of white sandy beaches, colourful coral reefs and turquoise water, the islands of Raja Ampat are set to be Indonesia's next tourism ...
  7. Barcelona steps up fight against illegal tourist rentals

  8. Commentary: Combat future haze by working with Indonesia and ASEAN

    Weather forecasts suggest that we may not see the recurrence of major haze like in 2015, but Vivian Claire Liew argues we need to speed up work to ...

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