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  1. Vietnamese brides say 'I do' to South Korea

  2. 58 arrested in four-day Geylang operation

  3. From new tax office, Catalonia hopes to grab billions from Madrid

    In a glass building overlooking Barcelona's port, empty desks and computers wait for new workers of Catalonia's tax agency.
  4. 19 arrested in vice crackdown in north-east Singapore

    Their offences were related to drugs, advertising sexual services and illegal gambling.
  5. Behind glitz of casinos, typhoon exposes Macau's infrastructure woes

    The glitzy exterior of Macau crumbled after a super typhoon steamrolled through the gambling center, exposing critical infrastructure flaws and ...
  6. Phone scammers now pretending to be telco staff: Singapore Police

    Members of the public were told that a mobile phone number registered under their names had been used for illicit activities before an operator ...
  7. Badminton: Momota makes main draw in Canada on international return

  8. What happens in Vegas: Nevada puts pot on the menu for fun-seekers

    Nevada, the only state where both gambling and prostitution are legal, is adding recreational marijuana to its list of sanctioned indulgences for ...

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