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  1. Commentary: Contemplating the future of dying

    Lien Foundation CEO Lee Poh Wah discusses our attitudes towards death and care at the end of life.
  2. Commentary: To benefit Singaporeans, Smart Nation must leverage big data, overcome privacy issues

    Smart Nation and big data has the potential to power social welfare programmes and enable social service agencies to proactively identify and help ...
  3. How AI robots hunt new drugs for crippling nerve disease

    Artificial intelligence robots are turbo-charging the race to find new drugs for the crippling nerve disorder ALS, or motor neurone disease.
  4. Tampines library to reopen with new features including cooking studio

  5. Fearsome T-rex was a plodder not a sprinter, researchers say

  6. Former AVG executives beef up cyber security investment fund

  7. Commentary: Manufacturing cannot adopt a wait-and-see approach to transformation

    Companies and workers must be ready and committed to move ahead together with the Labour Movement and the Government to harness emerging ...
  8. Tech companies wage war on disease-carrying mosquitoes

    American technology companies are bringing automation and robotics to the age-old task of battling mosquitoes in a bid to halt the spread of Zika ...
  9. Commentary: The robot revolution blurs the line between man and machine

    As robots get more advanced, we can't help but wonder what makes us human, says The Financial Times' Innovation Editor John Thornhill.

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