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  1. A career pioneer: The female engineer with 26 years of experience

    It was chemistry for HP’s product engineer and smart manufacturing section manager Jamie Neo, who’s been with the company for 26 years.
  2. Commentary: Wanted – a new generation of accountants

    Facing a new wave of automation, young accountants must redefine their role and their value-add to their company, say three Singapore Management ...
  3. Qualcomm adds security, battery life features to phone chips

    Qualcomm Inc on Wednesday revealed new security and battery life features on its latest Snapdragon 845 mobile phone processor, a chip that ...
  4. Google's Hinton says AI poses new challenges to regulators

    Expansion of artificial intelligence in financial services, healthcare, transportation and other fields poses new challenges to governments ...
  5. Amazon steps up pace in artificial intelligence race

  6. Rowing - Wiggins could make Olympic eight, says Hunter

    Former Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins could fulfil his aim of becoming an Olympic rower after swapping a bike for a boat, according to ...
  7. China racing for AI military edge over US: Report

  8. Fast and no need for coffee breaks: ‘Robots’ take over mundane tasks at Singapore banks

    UOB and OCBC have deployed software "robots" to take over tasks that its human employees have found repetitive and mundane.
  9. Malaysia to enforce cryptocurrency regulation in 2018

  10. Japan fills its boots with bespoke shoes

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