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  1. With rate hike in the bag, Fed may hint at Trump effect on economy

    The Federal Reserve is widely expected to raise interest rates on Wednesday, but, more significantly, it may give its strongest hint yet on how ...
  2. Older women should not take hormones to prevent chronic diseases

  3. US void hard to miss at Paris climate summit

    Two years ago to the day, US secretary of state John Kerry shared in the cheers and champagne in Paris as world powers sealed a landmark global ...
  4. Heat-not-burn tobacco products are still health risks

  5. Japan picks 'North' as 2017 symbol amid North Korea threat

  6. Philippines defied experts' advice in pursuing dengue immunisation programme

    As she announced in January 2016 that the Philippines would immunise one million children with a new dengue vaccine, the nation's then health ...
  7. UN says missiles fired at Saudi Arabia have 'common origin'

  8. Trump's trade chief gets his chance to confront WTO nemesis

    After railing against the World Trade Organization for years, U.S. President Donald Trump's trade chief will get a chance to stare down his WTO ...

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