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  1. One law for the rich? Light terms for South Korean tycoons

    While the heir to the Samsung empire is far from being the only South Korean business tycoon to face a hefty jail term, many see their sentences ...
  2. 41 employers, workers get inaugural SkillsFuture awards for lifelong learning efforts

  3. Iran ambassador ordered to leave Kuwait over spy case

  4. Metro scion Ong Jenn jailed 2 years for attempted possession of drugs

    He was previously acquitted of initial, more serious charges of conspiring to traffic cannabis.
  5. Former Brazil finance minister sentenced to 12 years

    A Brazilian court on Monday sentenced former finance minister Antonio Palocci to 12 years in prison for corruption and money laundering in the ...
  6. Barcelona football player Messi loses appeal in tax fraud trial

    Spain's Supreme Court has ratified a 21-month prison sentence handed down to Argentine football star Lionel Messi for tax fraud following the ...
  7. Commentary: Faced with a troubling blasphemy verdict, Ahok at least left Jakarta a legacy of reform

    The former governor had done a lot to improve the lives of ordinary Jakarta residents. But his blasphemy trial verdict sets a troubling precedence ...
  8. City Harvest Church’s Kong Hee begins serving 3.5-year jail term

    Kong, 52, had his eight-year sentence reduced to three-and-a-half years’ jail on Apr 7 by the High Court. Five accomplices also saw their ...

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