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  1. In full: Khaw Boon Wan's ministerial statement on train tunnel flooding incident

  2. Our public swimming pools: How clean are they?

    Ten pools here were tested for ammonia (a by-product of urine) and other substances. The results were not pretty, as the programme Why It Matters ...
  3. Commentary: Regulating Airbnb rentals not pressing until numbers grow

    Regulating the sharing economy to accurately price in disamenities can be challenging, but not doing so only serves to kick the can down the road, ...
  4. Elderly woman jailed 4 years and 9 months for cheating friend of life savings

    Lim Siew Har, 75, has a record of cheating that dates back to 1981.
  5. Bukit Batok water pipe bursts caused by corrosion: PUB

  6. PUB investigating cause of burst pipe at Bukit Batok West

    The leak occurred on a 700mm-diameter water pipe located 4m underground, and was detected by its sensors, PUB says.
  7. St John's Island launches first curated trail, guided tours

  8. First Re-Offer of Balance Flats exercise oversubscribed by almost 4 times

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