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  1. 7 places to check out over the year-end school holidays

  2. Britain's iconic red phone boxes ring the changes

  3. Treating bumps and humps: Dubai opens US$10m camel hospital

  4. Backed by Putin, Russian military pushes into foreign policy

    From Damascus to Doha, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has been showing up in unexpected places, a sign of the military's growing influence ...
  5. Ancient Roman Pantheon to start charging entry fee in 2018

  6. A home cook's vanishing art of home-brewed wine and hand-raised chicken

    Madam Ong Ah Lee, 71, shows the dying art of making the Hock Chew delicacy of red wine chicken from scratch at home – and why it’s better than ...
  7. Commentary: Lessons for Founders’ Memorial from a few modern cities

    From Beijing, Seoul to Berlin and Rome, the building of both old historical monuments and newer ones that have sparked controversy offers lessons ...
  8. Thousands mourn rock idol Hallyday at Paris memorial

  9. Explore virtual reality at the National Museum of Singapore this weekend

    Encounter a flying saucer or confront a Roman god – 18 immersive VR experiences are available to the public at the National Museum of Singapore ...

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