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  1. Experiential retail: Trendy buzzword or new norm?

  2. It’s easy to have a good time in Brussels, even if you only have 36 hours

    Give the Belgian capital a second look, and you will find plenty of avant-garde art, vintage wares and daring cocktails and cuisine.
  3. Houston races to rescue flood victims before storm's return

    Houston mayor Sylvester Turner said more than 2,000 people had been brought, soaking and desperate to rapidly-filling shelters in America's fourth ...
  4. Commentary: Singapore’s Smart Nation vision blurry without a success story

    From smart sensors for lighting and rubbish bins, to helping the elderly embrace technology – Singapore’s Smart Nation vision encompasses a lot, ...
  5. URA seeks new public bench designs in competition

    The benches will be made from remaining seating planks salvaged from the former National Stadium.
  6. Commentary: Hong Kong, a cautionary tale for Singapore, a lesson for the future

    Hong Kong offers valuable lessons for Singapore, showing that Singapore must tread a different path if it wants to continue to thrive, argues Woo ...
  7. 9 places to enjoy a good meal and watch the fireworks this National Day

    One of the biggest highlights every National Day is the fireworks finale. What better way to enjoy the spectacular pyrotechnic display than with ...
  8. Don’t blame art, it’s people who politicise it: Writer Gwee Li Sui goes On The Record

    Gwee Li Sui talks to Bharati Jagdish about the culture of reading, censorship, arts funding and public discourse on controversial issues.
  9. Mongolian melody: Hip-hop duo splices traditional singing and urban beats

    Ulaanbaatar's urban music scene is buzzing with a new vibe created by a hip-hop duo mixing into their sound the traditional art of throat singing, ...
  10. Wider Image: Drawing in the customers in Mogadishu

    A collection of yawing mouths and extracted teeth, booming stereo speakers and colourful hookah pipes adorn shop fronts in Somalia, a colourful ...

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