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    23 Oct 2014 Thu

    Erdogan says US airdrops to Kobane 'wrong'

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the weapons had fallen into the hands of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) - a Syrian Kurdish group that Ankara does not support - and also IS militants.

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    23 Oct 2014 Thu

    New Creation pastor’s net worth ‘substantially lower than S$6.4m’

    TODAY reports: A lifestyle website has named the church’s founder and senior pastor Joseph Prince as one of the 10 richest pastors in the world, with a net worth of US$5 million (S$6.35 million) and an annual salary of US$550,000.

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    23 Oct 2014 Thu

    More family businesses sign up for skills courses

    TODAY reports: Twenty-two SMEs, including seven family businesses, have signed up for courses this year, compared with fewer than 15 SMEs between 2012 and last year, according to private education institution Kaplan Singapore.

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    23 Oct 2014 Thu

    Deaths of leather factory workers ruled misadventure

    TODAY reports: The company has reportedly made substantial investments to improve the working environment to ensure no repeat of the tragedy.

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    23 Oct 2014 Thu

    President Tony Tan meets UK PM David Cameron

    Dr Tan and Mr Cameron discussed how to move Singapore and UK ties forward, and enhance bilateral cooperation in science, research and education.

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    23 Oct 2014 Thu

    Football: Rodgers rages after Balotelli shirt swap

    Brendan Rodgers already planned to haul off Balotelli during the interval after growing frustrated with the latest in a growing list of lacklustre displays from the eccentric Italy striker since his August move from AC Milan.

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    23 Oct 2014 Thu

    Obama pledges to stand by Canada after attack

    President Barack Obama said that it remained unclear whether the shooting - which left a soldier dead - was the act of a "lone wolf" assailant or was rather part of a larger plan.

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    23 Oct 2014 Thu

    Toys'R'Us pulls 'Breaking Bad' drug dolls

    Plastic figurines depict Walter White holding a handgun and White's accomplice, Jesse Pinkman, wearing a protective suit used in the manufacture of crystallised methamphetamine.

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    23 Oct 2014 Thu

    Dollar advances as US inflation creeps up

    The dollar gained against other major currencies on Wednesday (Oct 22) after a slight but unexpected rise in US inflation, while the market continued to speculate about eurozone monetary policy.

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    23 Oct 2014 Thu

    Twitter looks to weave into more mobile apps

    Fabric consists of software tools to tackle challenges such as stability and distribution of applications as well as streamlining user log ins and placing ads.