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    17 Jun 2015 Wed

    EU plan for refugee crisis in jeopardy as countries struggle to agree

    17 Jun 2015, Wed

    The resettlement system is opposed by countries like France which has sent around 6,000 people back to Italy, while Turkey has called on the EU to help after receiving at least 1.7 million refugees fleeing the conflict in Iraq and Syria.

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    19 May 2015 Tue

    EU approves plans to tackle migrant crisis

    20 May 2015, Wed

    The European Union has approved plans for an unprecedented joint naval mission starting next month.

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    17 Apr 2015 Fri

    UK elections could determine future of European Union

    17 Apr 2015, Fri

    The upcoming UK elections is not just about national politics this time, but could also determine the future of the European Union. The anti-EU UK Independence Party says they want to bring forward a vote on Britain's membership to the bloc.

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