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    23 May 2015 Sat

    Family experts split over mandatory marriage programmes

    TODAY reports: “I think we ought to be very careful about it (marriage preparation programmes) - encouraging it and building up the capacity to be able to do it ... but stopping short of mandating it,” said Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin.

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    22 May 2015 Fri

    August 9 babies photo project revived for SG50

    TODAY reports: Full-time photographer Tay Kay Chin originally wanted to photograph Singaporeans born on each National Day from 1965, in celebration of the country’s 40th birthday, and ten years later, he has restarted the project.

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    19 May 2015 Tue

    Use of amicable divorce settlement options yet to take off

    TODAY reports: The low take-up rate for options such as the Collaborative Family Practice and private mediation could be due to a lack of awareness, says Executive Director of Singapore Mediation Centre Loong Seng Onn. 

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    18 May 2015 Mon

    Divorce made less bitter with new mediation process

    TODAY reports: The Collaborative Family Practice allows couples to come to a consensus on the terms of the split as amicably as possible, before filing the divorce papers with the court.

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    14 May 2015 Thu

    500 DBSS flat-buyers up in arms over finished product

    TODAY reports: Damaged sanitary pipes and scratched floor tiles are among some of problems faced by residents at Trivelis.

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    25 Apr 2015 Sat

    EU urges Singapore to reinstate halt on executions

    TODAY reports: The EU has called on Singapore authorities to "stop all pending executions and to reinstate its earlier moratorium on capital punishment as a first step towards definitive abolition of the death penalty".

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    11 Apr 2015 Sat

    Are Singaporeans anti-foreigner? Not in the real world

    TODAY reports: Based on interviews with 15 foreigners from a range of occupations and who have spent some time in Singapore, the anti-foreigner sentiment found online is out of sync with the real-world experience.

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    30 Mar 2015 Mon

    Poignant closure as bagpipers, crowd gather for final send-off

    TODAY reports: "The loss of Mr Lee is starting to set in. We took him for granted for so long, and it took his death for us to realise that we didn’t cherish him enough,” says a 20-year-old National Serviceman.

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    04 Mar 2015 Wed

    Petrol duty hike unlikely to encourage switch to greener cars: Ang Wei Neng

    TODAY reports: MP Ang Wei Neng urged the Government to be more generous in the Additional Registration Fee rebates under the CEVS, saying that the "increased petrol duty is unlikely to nudge Singaporeans to buy greener car and will be portrayed as a means to raise tax revenues".

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    04 Mar 2015 Wed

    SMRT says sorry for 'unacceptable' disruptions

    TODAY reports: LTA says recent spate of incidents on SMRT rail network is 'unacceptable', will review SMRT’s management of resources and processes for maintenance