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    15 Sep 2014 Mon

    Gaza residents struggle to rebuild lives after 50-day war

    Israel and Gaza may be calm for now, but their 50-day war has killed thousands and displaced half a million people. For many Gaza residents, the scars from the tragedy remain as they struggle to rebuild their lives.

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    18 Aug 2014 Mon

    Gaza resistance fighters - hero or terrorist?

    Militant groups in Gaza are regarded as terrorists in the West but for many in Gaza and across the Muslim world, they are feted as resistance fighters seeking to establish Palestine as a nation. Channel NewsAsia caught up with some fighters to hear their side of the story.

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    07 Aug 2014 Thu

    Gaza cancer patients hope for peace as medical supplies run low

    Israel's bombardment of Gaza has devastated the area leaving many Palestinians suffering, but those who are already battling illnesses like cancer are finding it doubly hard to survive