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    08 Oct 2014 Wed

    Seeing red? Blood moon eclipse spotted over Singapore

    During the total lunar eclipse, light beams into Earth's shadow, filling the moon with a coppery glow that gives it a red hue. 

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    04 Oct 2014 Sat

    Jalan Besar: Then and Now

    During pre-war Singapore, the Jalan Besar area was a business district of sorts - home to numerous hardware stores. The district has since lost some of its shine in the last few decades, and is now better known for its cheap hotels and street food.

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    11 Sep 2014 Thu

    More social enterprises in Singapore aim for profit and purpose

    Even as stakeholders disagree over the definition of a social enterprise, more of such businesses that aim to make a social impact are springing up, and corporate support is slowly growing.