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    05 Feb 2017 Sun

    Has the ‘soul’ gone out of modern Peranakans?

    05 Feb 2017, Sun

    The faddish revival of all things Peranakan is upsetting some traditionalists who think it soul-less. But is their fixation on orthodoxy killing the culture? Part 2 of the Great Peranakan Debate. 

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    08 Jan 2017 Sun

    The slow death of Peranakan cuisine?

    08 Jan 2017, Sun

    Some lament that ‘true’ Nyonya cooking is losing ground to bastardised modern versions - but is authenticity over-rated? Part 1 of the Great Peranakan Identity Debate

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    30 Nov 2016 Wed

    A yearning to bring kolek races back to Singapore

    30 Nov 2016, Wed

    The conclusion to the story of a family’s dream of reviving the glory days of traditional Malay sailboat racing - which, for over a century, made waves in Riau-Johor-Singapore waters.

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    27 Nov 2016 Sun

    Singapore family helps bring back centuries-old tradition in Riau islands

    27 Nov 2016, Sun

    Mazlan Mohd Nasir grew up loving the traditional sailboat races around Singapore, but then watched that centuries-old way of life vanish. In Part 2 of his story, we witness his family’s part in reviving the kolek culture and races in the Riau Islands.

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    26 Nov 2016 Sat

    An island-boy’s race against time and tide

    26 Nov 2016, Sat

    For decades, kampungs and thrilling sailboats races were a way of life in the region. Kolek teams were like local football clubs. Now, one Singaporean is out to resurrect what was lost of his seaside childhood. This is the 3-part story of his quest.

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    12 Oct 2015 Mon

    Singaporean woman sets up Rwanda's first modern poultry farm

    10 Nov 2016, Thu

    While there are about 200,000 Singaporeans living and working abroad, few would have considered making their mark in Rwanda. We speak to Lam Shumei, who set up the largest modern poultry farm in the East African Nation. 

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    21 Oct 2016 Fri

    Inclusiveness takes spotlight in event to celebrate 50 years of Singapore-Japan ties

    21 Oct 2016, Fri

    Their performances were the highlights of the SJ50 event on Thursday to celebrate the 50 years of excellent diplomatic ties between Singapore and Japan.

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    28 Sep 2016 Wed

    Commentary: The story that almost didn’t get told

    29 Sep 2016, Thu

    My perception of what’s “normal” changed after meeting a 17-year-old-boy with mild autism, writes Lam Shushan - but not before I nearly quit on him.

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    30 Jul 2016 Sat

    He finds forgotten treasures in ‘trash’

    01 Aug 2016, Mon

    The 173-year-old Cathedral of the Good Shepherd is one of the places in Singapore where Jevon Liew, 32, has salvaged not just countless artefacts, but also the lost stories of a forgotten past.

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    09 Jun 2016 Thu

    He puts his soul into his shoes

    22 Jul 2016, Fri

    Joshua Leong talks about convincing his surgeon-parents he wanted to be a shoemaker, and why the craft is making a high-end comeback, in the first of a three-part series on Singapore makers.

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