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    19 Sep 2014 Fri

    Better together, say Scottish public

    The Scottish public has voted to remain in the United Kingdom, rejecting independence in an historic vote. Fifty-five per cent of Scots voted to remain in the UK.

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    19 Sep 2014 Fri

    Scots brace for independence vote outcome

    With passions running so high, some Scots will be elated, while others will be devastated when the final results of the vote are released. But with deep divisions created over Scotland's future, many on both sides are hoping there will be unity among Scots whatever the outcome. 

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    17 Sep 2014 Wed

    Many in Scotland still undecided over independence vote

    New opinion polls have shown that Scottish voters could narrowly reject independence. But with many still undecided, the fate of the United Kingdom is still too close to call.

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    15 Sep 2014 Mon

    London Games for injured troops come to a close

    The first-ever Paralympics-style Invictus Games for wounded military service men and women came to a close in London on Sunday (Sep 14).

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    08 Sep 2014 Mon

    Scottish independence: Yay or nay for businesses?

    As Scots head for the vote in next week's (Sep 18) independence referendum, the most pressing issue for many is the economy. Will businesses and residents be better or worse off going it alone?

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    27 Aug 2014 Wed

    UK police urge public to inform on "aspiring terrorists"

    British police are appealing to the public to help identify potential suspects involved in Islamic extremist activities, after the killing of US journalist James Foley, apparently by a man with an English accent.