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    31 Jul 2014 Thu

    Video Salons, spas may become a no go in India's Goa

    Salons and spas have been placed under very close scrutiny by state authorities in the western Indian province of Goa, with police claiming that many massage parlours are simply a front for prostitution

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    28 Jul 2014 Mon

    India political parties in blame game over communal violence

    Political parties in India have been trading barbs over Saturday's (July 26) violence in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. At least three people were killed and dozens injured, when Sikh and Muslim communities attacked each other over disputed land.

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    21 Jul 2014 Mon

    Video Uttarakhand on flood alert after heavy rain

    Heavy rain is battering the northern Indian province of Uttarakhand. With major rivers edging closer to dangerous levels, there are fears of a repeat of the severe flooding that hit the region last year.

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    11 Jul 2014 Fri

    Mixed reactions to India's plan to increase defence FDI

    The Indian government on Thursday proposed raising the country's foreign direct investment (FDI) limit to 49 per cent in the defence sector. While the move has largely been welcomed by experts and local industry manufacturers, critics said the proposal may endanger India's security.

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    07 Jul 2014 Mon

    High expectations ahead of India's railway budget

    The new Indian government's recent fare hikes has raised expectations of big improvements to the country's dilapidated railway system. Analysts are expecting bold policy decisions in the upcoming railway budget, while commuters hope for better services.

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    02 Jul 2014 Wed

    Spate of building collapses reflects India's poor construction practices

    A spate of building collapses in India in the past year have killed over a hundred people, raising concerns about the safety of the country's booming construction sector.

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    26 Jun 2014 Thu

    Modi government faces inflation challenge

    India's month-old government has encountered its first challenge on the economic front -- containing inflation.

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    16 Jun 2014 Mon

    India flash flood survivors still struggling, one year on

    Thousands who survived the devastating flash floods in the northern Indian province of Uttarakhand one year ago are struggling to pick up the pieces. They want the government to fulfil its promise of providing monetary compensation, jobs and in many cases, new homes.

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    12 Jun 2014 Thu

    Major energy crisis grips India’s capital

    India's capital is reeling under a major energy crisis as searing temperatures hit their highest in 62 years.

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    07 Jun 2014 Sat

    China’s Wang Yi to meet Indian PM Modi

    China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi will hold the country's first high-level meetings with the new Indian government when he travels to New Delhi on Sunday for a two-day visit.