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    11 Jul 2014 Fri

    Video UAVs a big hit among hobbyists, commercial operators

    Drones are mainly used by the military, but unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are fast gaining popularity among hobbyists and commercial operators around the world. Its market looks set to expand significantly in the next five years once airspace regulatory restrictions are lifted.

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    29 Jun 2014 Sun

    Video Hotter and larger tropics more vulnerable to climate change

    A landmark environmental report has found that tropical countries -- in particular those in Southeast Asia -- are the most vulnerable to climate change. The three-year study by scientists worldwide also found that the tropics is getting hotter and larger.

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    23 May 2014 Fri

    Military coup brings relief to some Thais

    Thailand has again witnessed a coup d'etat. However, ordinary Thais continue to go about their daily lives as usual, while some even see the military takeover as a source of relief.