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    11 Jun 2014 Wed

    Implication of terrorist attack in Pakistan

    Pakistan seems to be paying a high price domestically for being America's ally in the war against terrorism.

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    25 May 2014 Sun

    Pakistan TV network Geo on the brink

    Pakistan's biggest private TV network, Geo, may get its licences cancelled after alleging the country's intelligence agency was involved in an assassination attempt on its journalist. The allegation has prompted 90 per cent of Pakistan's cable operators to pull the network off-air.

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    21 May 2014 Wed

    Pakistan faces brain drain as youths head abroad

    Pakistan is facing a potential brain drain as many of its youth head abroad to search for work due to the lack of facilities and development opportunities.

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    13 May 2014 Tue

    Pakistan's "dirty air" affecting people's health

    A recent global report from the World Health Organisation has painted a dirty picture of Pakistan -- revealing it is the country with the world's most polluted air. Pakistan is plagued by heavy industry and choking traffic, and everyday people are forced to breathe in dangerous pollution.

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    03 May 2014 Sat

    Pakistan urged to protect journalists’ safety

    A recent attack on celebrated Pakistani news anchor, Hamid Mir, illuminated the dangerous reality for journalists working in Pakistan, and legal experts say journalists should be protected.