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    08 Nov 2016 Tue

    Despite early voting, battle for Florida not yet over for White House hopefuls

    08 Nov 2016, Tue

    About 6.5 million people have already voted in Florida, one of the early-voting states. Though that accounts for about 50 per cent of all registered voters in the state of Florida, what happens on Election Day is still critically important.

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    25 Oct 2016 Tue

    Early voting for US election opens in swing state Florida

    25 Oct 2016, Tue

    Monday (Oct 24) saw the first day of early voting in Florida, one of the key swing states in the 2016 US election. An estimated 46 million Americans – around 40 per cent of the electorate – are expected to have cast their vote by election day on Nov 8.

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    09 Sep 2016 Fri

    US Presidential race sees TV advertising spending slump

    09 Sep 2016, Fri

    America's largest political advertising market has always been television. But this election season, spending on TV advertisements is down about 60 per cent compared to the 2012 race. The Clinton campaign has spent more than US$75 million on advertisements so far, following a time tested strategy in US politics. But political analysts say with fewer Americans than ever subscribing to cable TV, such advertising is becoming less effective than in past decades.

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