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    28 Mar 2014 Fri

    Video Myanmar to conduct first official census in 30 years

    The United Nations Population Fund, which is facilitating the census, has faced criticism -- along with donors contributing to the US$65 million cost -- for focusing on the technical aspects of the survey and neglecting political concerns.

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    06 Mar 2014 Thu

    Luxury cars gaining popularity in Myanmar

    A growing number of Myanmar citizens are buying brand-new luxury cars. Aside from changes in legislation that now allow them to do so, many locals are also becoming more affluent. This is prompting many premium automobile companies to enter Myanmar.

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    03 Mar 2014 Mon

    Foreign direct investment in Myanmar set to grow

    Myanmar's foreign direct investment (FDI) this financial year is set to more than double that of last year's to US$3.5 billion. The momentum is unlikely to slow, with the country projecting US$4 billion in FDI in the next financial year.

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    27 Feb 2014 Thu

    Kachin group warns Myanmar population census could create rifts

    The Kachin National Organisation, a group representing one of the key ethnic groups in Myanmar, has warned that the population census set to take place in the country will alienate and affect citizens' ethnic national identity.

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    22 Jan 2014 Wed

    Channel NewsAsia is main source of news for S’poreans in Myanmar

    Singaporeans in Myanmar rely heavily on Channel NewsAsia for updates on news back home and around Southeast Asia. Available across Myanmar, Channel NewsAsia is one of the few international television news channels that are focused on regional coverage.