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    21 Aug 2014 Thu

    British government under pressure after beheading video

    British authorities are under pressure to tackle the growing problem of UK nationals joining jihadists in the Middle East, after a video showed the beheading of American journalist James Foley by a British accented militant.

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    20 Aug 2014 Wed

    Cameron condemns apparent US journalist execution

    British Prime Minister David Cameron has condemned the apparent killing of a US journalist by an Islamic State (IS) militant as "shocking and depraved". 

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    12 Aug 2014 Tue

    Video Kurds in the UK begin relief effort for those displaced in Iraq crisis

    As international concern over the Iraq crisis grows, family and friends of those displaced who live abroad are rallying to help in the aid effort. Kurdish communities in the UK have begun coordinating a relief effort which will see aid flown to the Kurdistan capital Erbil in the coming days.

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    11 Jul 2014 Fri

    Britain to pass emergency data surveillance laws

    An emergency data law is being passed in the UK to allow police and security services to continue to monitor phone and internet records of the British public. The controversial legislation is being rushed through the British parliament after the European Court of Justice struck down existing powers.

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    06 Jun 2014 Fri

    Cameron warns Russia of "continuing isolation" over Ukraine

    British Prime Minister David Cameron is holding talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, warning him that Moscow will face "continuing isolation" unless it reaches a resolution over Ukraine.