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    11 Jul 2014 Fri

    Britain to pass emergency data surveillance laws

    An emergency data law is being passed in the UK to allow police and security services to continue to monitor phone and internet records of the British public. The controversial legislation is being rushed through the British parliament after the European Court of Justice struck down existing powers.

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    06 Jun 2014 Fri

    Cameron warns Russia of "continuing isolation" over Ukraine

    British Prime Minister David Cameron is holding talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, warning him that Moscow will face "continuing isolation" unless it reaches a resolution over Ukraine.

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    22 May 2014 Thu

    EU under pressure over Russia-China gas deal

    Russia and China have signed a 30-year gas agreement. The deal comes as Russian state-run gas producer is threatening to cut off supplies to Ukraine, which could impact gas supplies to Europe as Ukraine serves as the main transport route for Russian gas supplies to the continent.