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    17 Mar 2014 Mon

    It's dark. It's powerful. It's the new Mac Pro.

    Apple's new Mac Pro is Harry Potter's "Valdermot" and Star Wars' "Darth Vader" combined, with spellbinding power and brooding dark looks that can only be described as wickedly good.

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    12 Mar 2014 Wed

    Search for MH370 goes online

    U.S. satellite operator DigitalGlobe Inc has turned to crowdsourcing to help in the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 with online volunteers searching satellite images for evidence of the missing jet.

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    13 Feb 2014 Thu

    Women still lag behind men in career opportunities

    In a global survey among HR managers, more than half say that women are still not getting the same career advancements as men in the workplace.

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    11 Feb 2014 Tue

    Today's the day for Internet security

    While it may seem quite obvious how security can be maintained online, most of us are still guilty of taking shortcuts that need a spot-check especially on 11 February, which is Safer Internet Day.

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    09 Feb 2014 Sun

    Hot in the city with Samba Masala

    At it's 10th anniversary performance, it’s clear that the SMU's resident percussion group, Samba Masala, isn’t just a bunch of kids happy to bang on drums and raise some noise.