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    2007 Singapore dragonboat tragedy: The accident

    A decade ago, 22 Singaporeans competed in a dragonboat race in Cambodia. 17 came back. Channel NewsAsia's Justin Ong was on that boat that went down.
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    IE Singapore inks MOUs with Sichuan to deepen collaboration in tech, services

    More doors will soon be opened for Singapore companies seeking access to western China's Sichuan province, after the two sides signed seven MOUs ...
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    Temasek looking into cross-border payments, artificial intelligence

    Temasek International is looking at business-to-business payments, especially those that cross national borders, fraud detection, as well as ...
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    Commuters irked as Tuas West MRT suspension continues

    Some have had transport arranged for them by their companies, while others say they have been forced to leave their homes earlier to use the bus ...
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    NETS, Rupay tie up to allow cross-border e-payment

    Singapore's largest payments company, NETS, has tied up with India's National Payments Corporation to allow cross-border use of both companies' ...
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    India gears up for overseas tax haven crackdown

    India is increasingly striving to crack down on the use of overseas tax havens, as it aims to generate more revenue and stamp out the problem of ...
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    Japan PM confident on progress in amending constitution

    Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is "confident" of progress in amending Japan's pacifist constitution, he said Friday (Nov 17), in his first ...
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    China gears up to woo Singapore in bid for High-Speed Rail project to KL

    China has shifted into high gear its efforts to court Singapore for the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High-Speed Rail (HSR) project, hosting a day-long ...
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    Yishun: An undeserved bad rep?

    Do most crimes happen in Yishun? Is it unsafe for stray cats? Talking Point confirms, once and for all, what's myth and what's fact. Read more here.
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    Hard lessons learnt for Taipei Metro after massive floods of 2001

    Taipei Metro holds a world-class reputation for punctuality and reliability, but it hasn't always been a success story. In 2001, Typhoon Nari ...

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