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    21 Apr 2014 Mon

    Jimmy Choo finds right fit with sole couture line

    Haute couture shoemaker Jimmy Choo says he is happy to focus on his own exclusive footwear line, amid reports the famous brand bearing his name could be set for a flotation worth $1.7 billion.

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    20 Apr 2014 Sun

    China's love of luxury cars undimmed by domestic troubles

    China's desire for luxury cars remains undimmed by an economic slowdown and political austerity drive as the country's growing band of wealthy motorists set their sights on high-end wheels.

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    18 Apr 2014 Fri

    Jimmy Choo creates Fukushima shoes line

    Designer Jimmy Choo unveiled a one-off range of shoes in Japan on Friday, made using materials and techniques native to the disaster-hit Fukushima area, in a bid to boost the profile of artisans there.

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    18 Apr 2014 Fri

    Murakami's new book unveiled in Japan

    Haruki Murakami's first collection of short stories in nine years hit the shelves in Japan on Friday with some excited fans queuing for the midnight launch.

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    18 Apr 2014 Fri

    First Earth-sized planet confirmed in habitable zone: NASA

    The hunt for potential life in outer space has taken a step forward -- an international team of researchers has confirmed the existence of the first Earth-sized planet within the "habitable" zone of a star.

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    17 Apr 2014 Thu

    Japan firm offers glowing finger for those phoning home

    If you thought a finger that glows when you phone home was strictly the preserve of extra-terrestrials, think again: a Japanese firm has unveiled nails that light up when you make a call.

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    17 Apr 2014 Thu

    SAT college entrance test gets a revamp

    Getting into college in the United States will no longer hinge so much on a high school student's grasp of arcane vocabulary or obtuse mathematical formulae.

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    16 Apr 2014 Wed

    British royals lap up puppy love as New Zealand tour wraps up

    Britain's Prince William and wife Catherine experienced Wednesday some puppy love from German Shepherds destined to be police dogs before departing New Zealand with baby Prince George for the Australian leg of a three-week tour.

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    15 Apr 2014 Tue

    Moon turned blood red in total eclipse

    Parts of the world including the Americas and Australia witnessed a rare celestial event unfold through Monday night and Tuesday morning when the Earth's shadow fell across the moon, turning it orange.

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    15 Apr 2014 Tue

    Japan population shrinks as elderly make up a quarter

    Japan's population has shrunk for the third year running, with the elderly making up a quarter of the total for the first time, government data showed on Tuesday.