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    01 Sep 2015 Tue

    Greasy pole running contest is highlight of Maltese festival

    Brave contestants run up a grease-covered pole attached at an angle to a barge in a harbor in Malta during an annual religious festival in the town of St. Julian's. The aim of the gostra competition, which dates back to the Middle Ages, is to snatch flags at the end of the slippery 10-metre (33-foot) pole before falling into the water.

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    01 Sep 2015 Tue

    College finds manuscript of song that inspired 'Happy Birthday'

    A college librarian in Kentucky has found the 19th-century manuscript of a musical number that gave rise to one of the most widely performed songs in the world, "Happy Birthday to You," University of Louisville officials said on Monday.

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    01 Sep 2015 Tue

    Titanic's last luncheon menu expected to fetch up to US$70,000 at auction

    More than a century after first-class passengers aboard the ill-fated Titanic ate grilled mutton chops and custard pudding in an elaborate dining room, the ship's last luncheon menu is expected to fetch up to US$70,000 in an online auction, a curator said on Monday.

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    01 Sep 2015 Tue

    Tale of two migrants shakes Italy

    One migrant is reviled, suspected of killing an elderly couple in Sicily; another has been hailed as a hero, killed after trying to prevent an armed robbery at a supermarket in Naples.

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    31 Aug 2015 Mon

    Lights out for Tokyo's modernist masterpiece Hotel Okura

    Despite an outcry from preservationists, the prestigious 53-year-old property shuts its doors for a makeover that will give way to a gleaming highrise hotel - the latest heritage building to face demolition in the ultra-modern Japanese megalopolis.

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    31 Aug 2015 Mon

    In war-torn Syria, a garden grows for North Korea founder

    The 9,000-square-metre park (about 2.2 acres) lies in the southwestern Damascus district of Kafr Sousa, atop the ruins of recently bulldozed homes.

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    31 Aug 2015 Mon

    Dating site eHarmony aims to mix work with pleasure

    As a marriage counselor years ago, Neil Clark Warren saw first-hand how incompatibility led to unhappy matches.

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    31 Aug 2015 Mon

    Russian wins 20th Air Guitar World Championship

    The Finnish city of Oulu hosted the Air Guitar World Championships grand finale on Friday.

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    31 Aug 2015 Mon

    London's Notting Hill Carnival kicks off

    Crowds joined in for the traditional “Children’s Day” festivities at London’s Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday.

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    31 Aug 2015 Mon

    Neurologist, author Oliver Sacks dies at age 82

    Oliver Sacks, the neurologist who studied the intricacies of the brain and wrote eloquently about them in books such as "Awakenings" and "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat," died on Sunday at the age of 82, his personal assistant said.