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    26 Oct 2014 Sun

    Off-grid German village banks on wind, sun, pig manure

    Feldheim, a hamlet near Berlin, is the first in Germany to have left the national grid and switched to 100 per cent local, alternative energy, swearing off fossil fuels and nuclear power decades before the rest of the country plans to near the same goal.

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    26 Oct 2014 Sun

    War-scarred Ukraine votes for pro-Western future

    The snap general election is also expected to reveal the level of trust in President Petro Poroshenko's bid to hold on to the separatist east through talks with pro-Russian rebels and their alleged puppet masters in the Kremlin.

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    26 Oct 2014 Sun

    Quarantined US nurse says 'made to feel like a criminal'

    Kaci Hickox, the first person to enter mandatory 21-day quarantine for medical staff returning to parts of the United States who may have had contact with Ebola patients in West Africa, was made to feel like "a criminal" upon arrival on US soil.

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    26 Oct 2014 Sun

    US struggles to turn the tide in war against Islamic State

    Since the air war on the IS militants began on Aug 8, the United States and its allies have few concrete successes to point to as the IS group has continued to roll ahead in western Iraq and tighten its grip elsewhere.

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    26 Oct 2014 Sun

    Republicans poised to snatch US Senate in mid-terms

    Republicans are capitalising on stubbornly persistent frustration with Obama and his policies, particularly in battleground states Democrats must successfully defend if they want to hold the Senate.

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    26 Oct 2014 Sun

    Five hurt in Canada industrial explosion

    An explosion occurred at an industrial plant in Sarnia, Ontario where one of the five injured is in serious condition.

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    26 Oct 2014 Sun

    Divided Brazil votes for next president

    Leftist incumbent Dilma Rousseff is the narrow favorite heading into the vote, with a four- to six-point advantage over centre-right business favorite Aecio Neves in the race to lead the world's seventh-largest economy, Saturday's final surveys showed.

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    26 Oct 2014 Sun

    Mali seeks to contain Ebola fears after girl dies

    The World Health Organization (WHO) warned the situation in Mali was an "emergency", and said in its latest Ebola situation report that the biggest outbreak on record has now killed 4,922 people.

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    26 Oct 2014 Sun

    US to recognise gay marriage in another six states

    The announcement from Attorney General Eric Holder means gay and lesbian married couples in those states will have the same legal rights and federal benefits as heterosexual couples.

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    26 Oct 2014 Sun

    Deep rifts remain at UN talks on global climate pact

    Rifts over responsibilities for galloping emissions of Earth-warming fossil fuels remain deeply entrenched, delegates and observers said, preventing detailed negotiations on a new agreement.