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    24 Sep 2014 Wed

    'World is united' in fighting IS: Obama

    US President Barack Obama said on Tuesday (Sep 23) that air strikes the United States and its Arab allies unleashed against the Islamic State group in Syria send a clear message that the world is united in confronting the militants.

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    24 Sep 2014 Wed

    Wildfire 'larger than Las Vegas' rages in California

    Nearly 7,500 firefighters are struggling with the so-called King Fire east of Sacramento, which has forced almost 3,000 people to evacuate.

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    24 Sep 2014 Wed

    US tests for toxic spill from Mexico mine

    US authorities are testing a river in Arizona for possible cross-border contamination from a toxic mine spill in northwestern Mexico, an official said Tuesday (Wednesday morning, Sep 24, Singapore time).

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    24 Sep 2014 Wed

    Panama Canal to get new upgrade within 25 years: Official

    The Panama Canal, which is in the midst of a massive expansion, will likely get a new upgrade within 25 years to meet increasing capacity demands, its administrator said Tuesday (Sep 23).

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    24 Sep 2014 Wed

    Cameron says Britain cannot 'opt out' of fight against IS

    Britain cannot opt out of a battle against Islamic State militants, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday (Sep 23), as newspapers reported he was considering joining air strikes targeting the group.

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    24 Sep 2014 Wed

    Khorasan: Al-Qaeda offshoot planning 'major attacks'

    A little-known Al-Qaeda offshoot, Khorasan found itself in the crosshairs of the United States on Tuesday (Sep 23) as the extremist outfit finalised imminent attacks on Western targets from bases inside Syria.

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    24 Sep 2014 Wed

    Ebola cases to explode without drastic action: WHO

    The Ebola epidemic is set to explode unless the response is radically intensified, the WHO said on Tuesday (Sep 23), warning that hundreds of thousands could be infected by the end of the year.

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    24 Sep 2014 Wed

    UN summit urges ambitious climate deal

    World leaders on Tuesday (Sep 23) urged ambitious action to combat climate change and promised to make greater efforts, but a tough road lay ahead with a year to go for an accord.

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    24 Sep 2014 Wed

    Vatican puts ex-envoy under house arrest in sex abuse case

    A former Vatican ambassador to the Dominican Republic has been placed under house arrest in the first case of criminal proceedings by the Holy See over the sexual abuse of children, a spokesman said on Tuesday (Sep 23).

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    24 Sep 2014 Wed

    France vows not to give in to blackmail over Algeria hostage

    President Francois Hollande vowed on Tuesday (Sep 23) not to give in to jihadists who have threatened to kill a French hostage in Algeria, as troops raced against time to find him.