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  • 02 Sep 2014 10:30

    Australia PM says 'extreme force' justified against IS

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Tuesday (Sep 2) said "extreme force" was justified in battling Islamic State militants as he played down reports that an Australian plane delivering humanitarian aid in Iraq came under fire.

  • 02 Sep 2014 10:41

    China reportedly calls for Britain to scrap Hong Kong inquiry

    Chinese authorities have demanded Britain drop an inquiry into the progress of democratic reforms in Hong Kong, accusing it of "highly inappropriate" interference in its affairs, the BBC reported on Monday (Sep 1).

  • 02 Sep 2014 03:54

    Fukushima accepts 'temporary' radioactive waste storage

    The governor of disaster-struck Fukushima agreed on Monday (Sep 1) to accept the "temporary" storage of nuclear waste from the Japanese accident, paving the way for an end to a years-long standoff.

  • 01 Sep 2014 23:29

    India, Japan will shape 21st century: Modi

    Conservative soulmates Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe declared on Monday (Sep 1) that ties between India and Japan were moving to a "new level", during a summit pregnant with promise for a relationship they hope will offer a counterweight to China.

  • 01 Sep 2014 20:08

    HK police use pepper spray on pro-democracy protesters

    Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong heckled a top Chinese official on Monday (Sep 1) as he explained China's decision to control which candidates can stand in the city's next leadership election. Police have confirmed the use of pepper spray on some protesters.

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