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  1. ‘There is no 100% perfect security’: How can we better protect against terror attacks?

    The Manchester bombing shows that still more needs to be done to safeguard public events, particularly in the area of evacuation, say experts.
  2. Electronic platform teaching mental health first aid launched

    “The earlier we spot the problems, the easier it is for the person to avoid the situation from getting worse, and the easier it is for the person ...
  3. New community facility to replace Fernvale Point to open in 2020

  4. Developers turn to VR technology to market new properties

  5. NKF launches hotline for kidney health queries

  6. First LNG bunkering demonstration carried out in Singapore

  7. Real-time lift management system to be launched across PAP town councils

    As part of efforts to improve lift safety and reliability, a dashboard management system jointly developed by town councils managed by the ...
  8. Maid salary, training issues being looked into: Centre for Domestic Employees

    CDE is looking into the possibility of implementing electronic salary payments, reviewing insurance payouts for employees and standardising skill ...
  9. Elderly man bitten by monkey at Bukit Panjang in stable condition: MP

    The man's injury is believed to have been inflicted by a monkey who has been reportedly entering homes at the Segar area in Bukit Panjang and ...
  10. Enhancing East Coast estate: The remaking of the Bedok heartland

    The East Coast estate was selected for rejuvenation along with Hougang and Jurong Lake under the programme's second phase in 2011.