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  1. Tianjin Eco-City masterplan to be reviewed: DPM Tharman

    This comes as the city, which is a joint development project between Singapore and Tianjin, celebrates its tenth anniversary next year.
  2. Kashgar: Take a walk back in time and soak in the breathtaking landscapes

    If you’re tired of the bright lights in cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, then Channel NewsAsia's Valarie Tan says it’s time to visit Kashgar, ...
  3. Shanghai Disneyland plans further expansion to cater for huge crowds

    Work has already started to expand Shanghai Disneyland, says Disney’s CEO Bob Iger, a day ahead of the park’s grand opening. The resort has also ...
  4. Man hurls explosives inside Shanghai airport, injuring four

    A man hurled a bottle containing home-made explosives inside the main international airport in China's commercial hub of Shanghai on Sunday, ...
  5. Man injured after glass falls from Shanghai Tower

    The passer-by was taken to hospital with minor injuries after the 2.4m glass pane plunged 76 storeys from Shanghai's tallest building.
  6. China's women see live Internet hosting as lucrative career

    In China, live internet hosting is fast becoming a booming internet business, and a bankable career among young women.
  7. Victims cast doubt on clout of new China domestic abuse law

    Experts and victims argue that new domestic abuse legislation, which took effect in China this month, will not significantly reduce the number of ...
  8. G20’s structural reforms may be hard to implement: Heng Swee Keat

    Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat says structural reforms, which are a key topic of discussion at the G20 summit in Shanghai, may be difficult to ...
  9. China eases minimum mortgage down payment again: Will it work?

    The latest reduction in down payment requirements for first-time home buyers in China may be limited to certain sectors of the market, analysts said.