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  1. Club at St James Power Station suspended, suspected of providing sexual services

    Rupee @ St James - Bollywood Gentlemen's Club is the first club to have its public entertainment licence suspended under the enhanced regulatory ...
  2. Gangwon style: Rugged beauty awaits visitors to South Korea who venture outside Seoul

    Host of the 2018 Winter Olympics, Gangwon-do is popular as a winter ski destination. But it offers much more year-round, for those craving an ...
  3. Joanna Dong 'not disappointed in the least' over Sing! China result

    The 35-year-old told Channel NewsAsia she exceeded all of her own expectations by coming in third in the hugely popular Chinese singing competition.
  4. Joanna Dong comes in third in Sing! China finals

  5. Who is Halimah Yacob, Singapore's first female President?

    The 63-year-old will be Singapore's first female President and the first Malay head of state in more than 47 years, breaking barriers yet again ...
  6. MP Louis Ng submits petition for inclusive public housing for single parents

    Single-parent families should be equally supported to meet their basic needs, says the Member of Parliament for Nee Soon.
  7. 'Tiny' miracle: 91-year-old grandma finds cousin after 75 years

    A tip-off from a relative and a lot of persistence led to long-lost cousins Tiny Wee and Rosaline Chua finding each other again in old age.
  8. Life among the graves of Carreta cemetery

    In the heart of Cebu city, Philippines, about 200 settlers unable to afford proper housing live side-by-side with the dead.
  9. PAP MPs raise questions over Oxley Road dispute in Parliament debate

    Questions by PAP MPs on Monday (Jul 3) surrounded the formation of the ministerial committee and the Government’s perceived role in the dispute ...