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  1. New York boosts security presence amid threat of anti-terror budget cut

    The cut is an irresponsible plan and may result in a more vulnerable Big Apple, some officials say.
  2. Pope Francis' US visit a security challenge for New York

    The Pope's visit will coincide with the United Nations General Assembly, which will see world leaders descending on New York at the same time.
  3. Obama facing opposition over new climate change plans

    Republicans are calling US President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan a 'war on coal'. Mr Obama is hoping to get the country's coal-fired power ...
  4. US fashion labels target under-served Muslim market

    Summertime sales are big business for US retailers, but designers and fashion labels in New York City are branching out beyond their usual clientèle.
  5. One in three children living in poverty in US: UNICEF

    According to the United Nations children's agency UNICEF, one in three children living in the world's richest nation are in poverty, with over ...
  6. A non-politician is what the US needs: Donald Trump runs for White House

    The owner of a series of buildings in New York, Mr Trump says his story of success in the business world is why he would be the ideal leader for ...
  7. UN peacekeepers said to buy sex in nations where they are deployed

    United Nations peacekeepers regularly pay for sex with cash, jewellery, mobile phones and other items in countries where they are deployed - in ...
  8. Historic football match sets field for thawing US, Cuba relations

    The New York Cosmos' match against the Cuban national team in Havana on Tuesday (Jun 2) will mark the first time in almost three decades years ...
  9. New York 'skinny house' in fight for survival

    New York is known for its looming skyscrapers, but in a small town just outside the city a family is battling to save what is known as "the skinny ...