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  1. Up to 180,000 spectators expected for Chingay Parade

    Among the highlights is a 66-metre LED flying dragon that is making its debut as a first-of-its-kind co-creation between Singapore and China.
  2. NTUC FairPrice volunteer programme to open to members of the public

    A target of 5,000 volunteer hours for 2016, to be contributed by NTUC FairPrice staff and senior management, has been set.
  3. Record number of schools receive National Arts Education Award

    Jointly developed by the National Arts Council and the Arts Education Branch of the Ministry of Education, the award hopes to serve as a guide for ...
  4. Singaporeans need to build social resilience: Maliki Osman

    This entails building and investing in relationships with each other, as well as rejecting messages of discrimination, according to the Senior ...
  5. Food retailers see lagging sales as Singaporeans delay New Year shopping

    Customers may be heading to Malaysia to take advantage of the strong Singapore dollar, while shoppers may be waiting for last-minute deals.
  6. Prices of bak kwa rise in lead-up to Chinese New Year

    While some customers appear to be buying less of the traditional Chinese New Year snack due to the economic slowdown, at least one retailer says ...
  7. Let a Samsui woman guide you around rejuvenated Chinatown Heritage Centre

    After a year shuttered for renovation, the Pagoda Street destination promises a new gallery, themed guided tours, and a multisensory experience.
  8. NTU hiring more HR specialists to offer career guidance

    By the start of the new academic year in August 2016, 17 career coaches will be available to all NTU students for consultations, says the university.
  9. Inventor of food-testing biochip wins Singapore Challenge Medallion

    Electrical engineer Carlos Duarte-Guevara won at the Global Young Scientists Summit for his invention which allows food testing to be conducting ...
  10. More innovative ideas needed to balance Singapore's needs: Dr Tony Tan

    "More innovative ideas are needed to help safeguard and conserve resources and enhance the quality of life for current and future generations,” ...