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Wines And Chinese Cuisine

First Look Asia

Choosing the perfect wine to pair with your festive dishes can be quite a headache for some. So our own Chan Eu Imm ...

US economy, outlook for dollar and yuan

First Look Asia

Is there a collapse in expectations of a further rise in the US this year? We spoke with Bernard Aw, Market Strategist ...

Luxe Lunar New Year Menus

First Look Asia

Annalisa gets into the lo-hei spirit with auspicious dishes like yu sheng, pen cai and nian gao from Kai Garden, Hua ...

The Neighbourhood Pump Attendant

In Focus

Halid, a pump attendant, shares why he is passionate about his job even after 15 years. Find out how he juggles between ...

Trailer: Investing - Skill or Luck

Money Mind
Episode 37

Making money in stocks & shares – does it take luck or skill? And we kick off our Entrepreneurship series with taking ...

Zika Virus Explained

First Look Asia

Fears are mounting in Asia of an outbreak of the Zika virus. So we asked Professor Duane Gubler from the Duke-NUS ...

An Ancient Tradition Honoured

First Look Asia

The Lion Dance is probably the noisiest highlight of the Lunar New Year. But it is a tradition steeped in history and ...

Outlook on Singapore stock market, the third worst performing in Asia this year

First Look Asia

Singapore's benchmark STI has shed about 10% so far this year. Is the 2,500-point level the ultimate bottom? We spoke ...

Reviewing Long Long Time Ago & Revenant

First Look Asia

Oscar favourite, the Revenant opens in parts of Asia this week. We ask Genevieve Loh if Leonardo Dicaprio will finally ...

The Refugee Dilemma

Ground Zero
Episode 3

In 2015 one million refugees and migrants arrived in Europe. Prerna Suri follows the trail of the biggest movement of ...

Lunar New Year Traditions

First Look Asia

Have you ever wondered about the significance of reunion dinners? Or why red packets are exchanged for Mandarin oranges ...

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Brian Skerry On His Early Life

First Look Asia

He's worked hard all his life to get to the top of his game. Brian Skerry opened up to our producer Geoffrey Lip on his ...

News Clips

Global stocks fail to find solid footing after meltdown


Stocks worldwide resumed their downward slide on Tuesday a day after a massive sell-off as investors failed to shake ...

Coca-Cola earnings rise on higher volumes


Coca-Cola has released its earnings report for the fourth quarter as the company’s profits beat Wall Street estimates ...

Revival of traditional bookstores?

Business International

The e-book revolution was viewed by some traditional booksellers as the beginning of the end for the printed page. With ...

Flower Dome gets makeover for Year of the Monkey


More than 100 dahlia species from around the world were brought into the Gardens by the Bay attraction to create the ...

SMU students to help with renovation of orphanage in Phnom Penh


SMU is the first university in Singapore to make community service a requirement. 

Traditional cheongsam stores go social


With the online shopping wave, these stores are tapping on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to gain more customers ...

Officer fired warning shots during riot to protect injured colleague: Hong Kong police chief

Asia Pacific

Hong Kong Police Commissioner Stephen Lo on Tuesday (Feb 9) defended the officer who fired the warning revolver shots ...

Taiwan developer arrested after deadly quake fells building

Asia Pacific

Prosecutors in the southern Taiwan city of Tainan have arrested the developer of a building which collapsed during an ...

Myanmar's ethnic Chinese MPs miss out on Chinese New Year celebrations

Asia Pacific

About 1.6 million people in Myanmar are ethnic Chinese, but the Chinese Lunar New Year is not a public holiday in the ...

Customers steer away from traditional yusheng despite NEA approval


Some have taken to alternatives using ingredients like abalone, jellyfish, smoked salmon and vegetarian, while others ...

IKEA recalls some ceiling lamps after global reports of glass shades falling


TODAY reports: IKEA is recalling the HYBY, LOCK and RINNA ceiling lamps, after reports of incidents involving their ...

F-35 fighter jet to go on display at Singapore Airshow


As the event nears, analysts weigh in on what the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter can offer for Singapore's air defence and ...

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