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Making A Difference

First Look Asia

Simple ideas that make a world of difference. We speak with winners from the Young Social Entrepreneurs Programme to ...

Roadster vs Roadster

First Look Asia

It owes much of its look to a British classic. But does the Mazda MX5 have what it takes to turn heads? Our motoring ...

Singapore Economy

First Look Asia

What's the outlook of Singapore's economic growth, Sing dollar and monetary policy? We speak with Francis Tan ...

Teen Mum Island

Get Real S14
Episode 6

15 year old Renalyn is conceiving her second child after an abortion just 2 years ago. Her country the Philippines is ...

Outliers: Amazing Grace

It Figures S4

Grace Huang experienced a string of bad relationships and failed businesses. But her life finally turned around after ...

The Art of Storytelling

First Look Asia

It is a tradition passed down through the generations, but fears are storytelling may be losing its appeal because of ...

Terrorism and Cybersecurity

First Look Asia

Recent terror attacks have raised concerns over cybersecurity. Several governments are calling for increased ...

Outlook on industrial metals, which are trading at multi-year lows

First Look Asia

Asian steel industry in 2016 in the face of overcapacity and slowing demand, stemming from China's economic slowdown ...

Michael Kum

Power List Asia 4
Episode 7

Michael Kum made his fortune in the maritime industry over 30 years, until one day he cashed it all in for the hotel ...

Wage Crisis

It Figures S4
Episode 5

Singapore has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. Yet, thousands of full-time workers can't make ends ...

Giving The Gift Of Sight

First Look Asia

Blindness is a huge issue in some impoverished communities in Asia. Many of them are needlessly blind because they're ...

Understanding Glaucoma

First Look Asia

According to research, East Asians experience the highest rate of blindness from glaucoma. In Singapore, 40 percent of ...

News Clips

As sea levels rise, US island slowly sinks into oblivion


Tangier Island, off the United States east coast in Chesapeake Bay, is just one of the many islands that could ...

US retailers expect to fill their stores on Black Friday


Black Friday marks the unofficial start of US holiday shopping season. It’s a time when retailers are hoping to fill ...

Rally in oil shares lifts US stocks


A jump in petroleum-linked shares helped lift US stocks on Tuesday (Nov 24) after the Turkish downing of a Russian ...

Hugo Boss cuts growth outlook for next year


German fashion retailer Hugo Boss has reduced its growth outlook for next year, citing slowing demand from China. The ...

Travel sector stocks rocked by escalating terror fears


Heightened terror fears battered tourism sector stocks on Tuesday, with airlines especially affected after Washington ...

US economy grew 2.1% in third quarter


According to the US Commerce Department, gross domestic product in the US grew at an annualised rate of 2.1 per cent in ...

KKH launches commemorative book to raise funds for needy patients


The proceeds from the sales of the book will go towards financial help for the medical treatment of needy patients. 

Malaysian utility company shares rally despite losing 1MDB power asset bid


Analysts say although national utility company Tenaga Nasional Berhad lost the bid, its shares rallied as the market ...

Infrastructure industry seeks more private investors in financing projects

Business Singapore

It has been mainly the banks that have been shouldering most of the financing for infrastructure projects, but as such ...

India's urban solutions, manufacturing offer opportunities for Singapore: Modi

Business Singapore

The India-Singapore Economic Convention also highlights urban solutions, consumer and manufacturing as areas which ...

National Gallery showcases culinary art


The National Gallery would not be complete without a place to showcase Singaporean cuisine. While visual art may be the ...

Programme launched to help kidney patients find jobs at NKF dialysis centres


Under the Patient Employment Rehabilitation Programme, interested patients could be hired as an Administrative Officer ...

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